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large scale learning artwork for schools

Brainywall educational wallscapes are uniquely designed for academic spaces. Our mission is to create beautiful, large scale learning artwork that impresses upon children for a lifetime.  Our vision is to ensure that every child is surrounded in an environment that helps him create a positive self image. We help you change the environment and the mindset.

Transform Your Students' Mindsets with Professional Development

Our SMART goal Professional Development can change one's life. What changes principals can expect within one year:
     Fewer behavior infractions as students become academically focused.

     Increased student engagement across all subjects with simple approach to school wide goals.

     More empathetic interactions amongst staff to students and students to students as they self-
     actualize their presence.

     Be appreciated for demonstrating to stakeholder's the actionable steps to get results.

    See your test scores trend up within the current school year.

      * Well-trained staff will lead your in person and virtual SMART Goal sessions.
      * Wallscapes to change the environment included with every package.
growth mindset wallscapes


In a space where students lose time, inspire them to focus on what's important and return to class.



 Brighten them with vibrant colors and motivation. 



Install the right message in places where you know students will see it.



Stakeholders are greeted with beauty and pride of the school.

Wallscapes express a sense of community and are centerpieces that illustrate the values of your entity.

There are other unexpected benefits that you might not have known.

  • They encourage people to want to take care of the area.

  • Vibrant colors and specific messages boost citizen's moral.

  • Onlookers will be encouraged to slow down and admire the space.

Transform Your Campus with Wallscapes

Focus on Your Future

Focus on Your Future

Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Mindfulness Awareness

Mindfulness Awareness

Dance Inspiration

Dance Inspiration

Social Awareness

Social Awareness

All About Community

All About Community

Wallscape Themes

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1. Choose a theme.

Our specialized gallery has many vibrantly colored images.

2. Choose perfect size.

Select from 2 preselected sizes to fit large and small spaces.

3.  We can install for          you. Add into cart.

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